Sunday, February 20, 2011

Minor Annoyance

This past week I stopped to fill up my car. It was a place in Shelby, NC. I put my debit card in like I almost always do and proceeded to fill the tank. Except I didn't...

The pump cut me off at $35.00. Apparently, that was the limit. I was annoyed. Whenever I stop for gas, I always fill the tank up. Here, I was about two gallons short.

I understand the need for prepay and even the need for a limit in case someone's account is short. But seriously, $35.00? When gas was $3.04 per gallon? I own a midsize sedan, but I'm not sure $35.00 would fill up a small car like a Honda Fit or Nissan Versa.

This was a photo I took on Feb 18, 2008. I guess gas prices aren't that much more three years later. Nevertheless, I'm glad I've got alternatives to the car if I need to get around.
49/366 - 18 Feb [sticker shock]

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