Wednesday, January 27, 2010

34 in a 25

I went to court today. Was given a reduction on a speeding ticket that I picked up on November 11. Went from 43 to 34. I've been driving since 1994. Here are my violations:

1) I guess it was about 1999, busted for speeding in Burlington on the way to church. Ticket reduced.

2) 2003, pulled over going 73 in a 55 on Business 40 in Winston Salem while on my way to Eden for a preseason wrestling tournament. Got a prayer for judgement.

3) 2006, busted for speeding on Blythe St, near my house. 41 in a 25. I was on my way to church. Went to driving school.

4) This was my most recent speeding ticket. I was on my way from church.

Based on the above, the logical conclusion would be to no longer go to church. Apparently, I missed the part of the gospel where it says Jesus gives speeding tickets every three years if you take your cross and follow.

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