Friday, July 24, 2009


There are a lot of places that I like a whole lot. But let's suppose that because of good behavior, or bad behavior, I was forced to choose one place that I had to be quarantined to and never travel more than 100 miles from that one place. The list is short. Asheville would be there. Bergen, Norway. Definitely Jasper, Alberta. As far as large cities, give me: Vancouver, London, Denver.

Jasper has it all. Great scenery, hiking, biking, rafting. Cool town, even if 2 million tourist come through each year. Great people. In the last week, I've seen moose, elk, marmot, badger, coyote, bear. This was my second visit to Jasper and my complaint both times is there are too many trails to hike and things to see. But then again, Jasper National Park is Canada's largest national park.

Question, and post in the comments here: "What 100 mile area would you be 'quarantined' to?" (Only rule is that you had to have been there before). I'm interested to see responses.


Courtney said...

Long Island, Bahamas...sand, palms, calm ocean, seafood- hands down where I'd want to be quarantined- I guess except during hurricane season

Stewart said...

Jackson, Wyoming. 100 miles covers Yellowstone and Grand Teton nat' park. That or Edinburgh, Scotland for my big town.

Emily said...

Awesome question heang! Boone/Asheville is a close second to Sitka, AK is the quarantine of choice for me, but I am sure you knew that already, actually perhaps Juneau, because that would give me Sitka and then the mainland too, Juneau #1.

Flower in a Field said...

1. Asheville/Boone
2. Sunset Island, NC
3. Pittsburgh
4. Monteverde, Costa Rica
5. Eureka, California
6. Vancouver
7. Arctic Village, AK
8. Granada, Nicaragua
9. Durango, CO
10. New Mexico

Umm I could pick a million places. I enjoy so many places. Cool and friendly towns are always fun but there is something neat about the poorest, dirtiest, & vacant towns--i find that the people in the town is what is sometimes the most life changing

Anonymous said...

Ithaca, NY; Asheville, NC; Italy; Pawleys'Island (for John's happiness); I must have a body of water in that radius to be happy. All my locations give me a large city within the radius, water, and relaxation+ good food.